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Beraplug ($PLUG) is an ERC-20 compatible, LayerZero omnichain fungible token (OFT) contract. It will launch first on Ethereum mainnet. Once Berachain mainnet launches, $PLUG will migrate there.

The $PLUG contract charges taxes on every transfer, which are used to sweep Honey Comb NFTs from the market. Beraplug may acquire Honey Comb from NFT marketplaces like Sudoswap, Element, Caviar, OpenSea, and Blur.

The Brown Hole

The Honey Comb that Beraplug sweeps from jeets will be plugged into the Brown Hole and redistributed to chads through the Brown Hole game.

At random intervals, a snapshot will be taken and every wallet that holds $PLUG or $PLUG liquidity tokens will be assigned a certain number of game points calculated from a series of onchain behavior and reputation scores: JeetFactor (JF), ChadFactor (CF), PlayFactor (PF), and ArtsFactor (AF).

#Points=($PLUG+LP)JFCFPFAF\# Points = \left( \$PLUG + LP \right) \cdot JF \cdot CF \cdot PF \cdot AF

By design, Brown Hole game points do not depend on the amount of HC you have. Some new community members may find it to be a more fun and accessible way to get their first Honey Comb than market buying them.

The following calculations are subject to change based on community input.

LP will be calculated by the # of $PLUG represented by the liquidity pool position, times 3.3 as a bonus for contributing to protocol liquidity.

LP = $LP\cdot \frac{$PLUG_{in\ pool}}{$LP_{supply}}\cdot{3.3}

JeetFactor (JF) permanently slashes wallets that have sold or transferred Honey Comb, based on the % of total lifetime Honey Comb jeeted: 1x for non-jeets (no slash), 0x (disqualified) for total jeets. To prevent sneaky jeets from using burner wallets to sell, JeetFactor also gives a temporary 30 day slash to wallets that transfer Honey Comb out to any wallet for 30 days. To improve your JeetFactor, acquire more Honey Comb and grip tight. Simple as.

JF=(1hcouthcin)(150dayssince jeet8.12)0JF1JF = \left(1 - \frac{hc_{out}}{hc_{in}}\right)\cdot\left(\frac{1}{\frac{50}{\sqrt{days_{since\ jeet}}}-8.12}\right)\mid 0 \leq JF \leq 1

ChadFactor (CF) rewards proven strong hands, with a boost for chads that hold their Honey Comb long-term: 1x for wallets with no history of hodling to prevent sneaky jeets from escaping their pasts, 10x for chads who have held their stack for more than 90 days. To improve your ChadFactor, prove you can hodl and stop sybiling.

CF=20log0.015(days~held)101CF10CF = -20\cdot\log_{0.015}\left(\widetilde{days}_{held}\right)-10 \mid 1\leq CF \leq 10

PlayFactor (PF) rewards the wallets that contribute to the Honey Comb sweep budget via transfer taxes by boosting the points for wallets based on their $PLUG volume during the game window: 1x for hodlooors and up to 5x for the biggest playooors. To get more PlayFactor, trade $PLUG, but make sure you're holding at each snapshot.

PF=1+$PLUGtaxes$PLUGheldPF5PF = 1 + \frac{\$PLUG_{taxes}}{\$PLUG_{held}} \mid PF \leq 5

ArtFactor (AF) rewards the idiots who laugh at butt plug jokes and lore. Wallets get boosts for each Legend of Beraplug lore video, Beraplug Mirror article, and Beraplug Sessions track they own.

AF=1+0.069videos+0.1069articles+0.2069tracksAF = 1 + 0.069\cdot{videos} + 0.1069\cdot{articles} + 0.2069\cdot {tracks}

Over time, the Brown Hole may get stretched with bonus perks from our ecosystem partners. Any such perks will be distributed through the same game.

Points will be calculated offchain with a public Dune dashboard, and chosen onchain. If there are multiple Honey Comb available, there will be a separate entry chosen for each one, i.e. it is not "winner take all."

The selected wallets will get plugged with fresh jpegs, and if they ever want more where they came from, they better have strong grippy. There's no guarantee that will be a one-way-road but if anything does come out, it will hurt and slashing their chances of participating in future distributions.

Over time, the goal is to migrate Honey Comb towards the tightest holes.

If you are distributing tokens to the Berachain community and want to use the Beraplug Brown Hole game to make sure they go to proven chads, slide in our DMs.

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