Ethereum mainnet

  • Token contract: 0x231A6BD8eB88Cfa42776B7Ac575CeCAf82bf1E21

  • Brown hole: 0x330eE904Ab479F36FbdcAd0Dc821D43fE443D433

  • Treasury (Ethereum and Optimism): 0x09BB5eE4C5f5d1d5d958271361a075548e293809

  • Treasury (Arbitrum): 0x79D08e5Aa6b0E61F56A7FE2c6B8a8d3326589E6C

  • Tax collector: 0xDe737ab7b9DfcB6B1A3b4bab5365517e3cf15e75

  • Tax swap cron: 0x6d42e5E04cD0145efD8e056363131bCd40ea36D2

Berachain mainnet

  • (coming soon)

Chain Migration

The initial $PLUG token is on Ethereum mainnet. The contract integrates LayerZero's OFT standard to allow a future migration to other chains that we specify, with the intent of a clean, one-time, one-way migration from Ethereum to Berachain shortly after Berachain mainnet launch.

LayerZero Migrations work by burning tokens from the source contract (on Ethereum) and minting them in the destination contract (on Berachain). This ensures that the total supply across all chains is constant. The $PLUG contract modifies the LayerZero functions to create a one-way-only migration.

To ensure liquidity on Berachain post-migration, initial liquidity on Ethereum is not renounced. Instead, it has been divided between the Beraplug treasury and a trusted community partner, The Honey Jar (the creator of Honeycomb), ensuring no one entity can pull liquidity, and the Beraplug team must work with the community to complete the migration to Berachain. After successful migration, liquidity will be permanently renounced.

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